About Us

About UsWe have been producing the best flan in North America since 1997. It started as a way for my mother to find herself busy, while was vacationing from our country of origin, Venezuela. She started to make flan, and she would sell it in a couple of Hispanic stores in the neighborhood. The product was so well accepted that once she went back, I was forced to continue with the production due to customer’s demand. That is how we started commercializing our flan in the retail market. But, it wasn’t until late 2008 when we started in the food service industry, commercializing our flan in restaurants and giving restaurateurs the opportunity to serve on their tables the best flan by DELICIAS FLAN.

With the purpose of being innovative and satisfy our clients, we have created several flavors, that has enhanced our customer’s flan experience. We invite you to make your dessert time the most unforgettable and satisfying, with DELICIAS FLAN, the best flan.